Saturday, December 21, 2013

L Artists

L.A. Guns                                                                    Ballad of Jayne, The
La Bouche                                                                    Be My Lover
La Bouche                                                                    Sweet Dreams
La Cage Aux Follies                                                     Best of Times
La Cage Aux Follies                                                     I Am What I Am
La Cage Aux Follies                                                     Mascara Song
LaBelle, Patti                                                                I Don´t Do Duets
LaBelle, Patti                                                                Lady Marmalade
LaBelle, Patti                                                                Love, Need and Want You
LaBelle, Patti                                                                New Attitude
LaBelle, Patti                                                                On My Own
Labouche                                                                     Be My Lover
Labouche                                                                     Fallin In Love (Duet)
Labouche                                                                     Sweet Dreams
Lady and the Tramp                                                     Bella Notte
Lady and the Tramp                                                     He´s a Tramp
Lady Gahga                                                                  Alejandro
Lady Gahga                                                                  Bad Romance
Lady Gahga                                                                  Dance in the Dark
Lady Gahga                                                                  Monster
Lady Gahga                                                                  So Happy I Could Die
Lady Gahga                                                                  Speechless
Lady Gahga                                                                  Teeth
Lady Gahga                                                                  Telephone [feat. Beyonce]
Laine, Frankie                                                              Answer Me
Laine, Frankie                                                              Rain Rain Rain
Laine, Frankie                                                              Woman In Love, A
Lake, Greg                                                                   I Believe in Father Christmas
Landsborough, Charlie                                                  What Colour is the Wind
Lane, Cristy                                                                  One Day at a Time
Lane, Cristy                                                                  Simple Little Words
Lane, Frankie                                                               Making Memories
Lane, Frankie                                                               Woman In Love, A
lang, k.d.                                                                      Constant Craving
Larson, Nicolette                                                          Lotta Love
Las Ketchup                                                                 Ketchup Song
Last 5 Years, The                                                         Climbing Uphill
Last 5 Years, The                                                         Goodbye Until Tomorrow
Last 5 Years, The                                                         If I Didn´t Believe In You
Last 5 Years, The                                                         Next Ten Minutes, The
Last 5 Years, The                                                         Still Hurting
Last 5 Years, The                                                         The Next Ten Minutes
Lattimore, Kenny                                                          For You
Lauper, Cyndi                                                              All Through the Night
Lauper, Cyndi                                                              Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Lauper, Cyndi                                                              She Bop
Lauper, Cyndi                                                              Time After Time
Lauper, Cyndi                                                              True Colors
Laurel & Hardy                                                            Trail of The Lonesome Pine, The
Lavigne, Avril                                                               Anything But Ordinary
Lavigne, Avril                                                               Complicated
Lavigne, Avril                                                               I Don´t Give
Lavigne, Avril                                                               I´m With You
Lavigne, Avril                                                               Sk8er Boi
Lawrence, Steve                                                           Portrait of My Love
Lawrence, Steve & Eydie Gorme                                  I Want To Stay Here
Lawrence, Tracy                                                          Alibis
Lawrence, Tracy                                                          As Any Fool Can See
Lawrence, Tracy                                                          Better Man Better Off
Lawrence, Tracy                                                          Can´t Break It To My Heart
Lawrence, Tracy                                                          How A Cowgirl Says Goodbye
Lawrence, Tracy                                                          If the Good Die Young
Lawrence, Tracy                                                          If the World Had a Front Porch
Lawrence, Tracy                                                          If You Loved Me
Lawrence, Tracy                                                          Lessons Learned
Lawrence, Tracy                                                          My Second Home
Lawrence, Tracy                                                          Renegades, Rebels And Rogues
Lawrence, Tracy                                                          Somebody Paints the Wall
Lawrence, Tracy                                                          Stars Over Texas
Lawrence, Tracy                                                          Time Marches On
Lawrence, Tracy                                                          Today´s Lonely Fool
Lawrence, Tracy                                                          Unforgiven
Lawrence, Vicki                                                           Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia, The
Le Toya                                                                       Torn
Leapy Lee                                                                    Little Arrows
Leary, Dennis                                                               A--hole
Led Zeppelin                                                                Black Dog
Led Zeppelin                                                                D´yer Maker
Led Zeppelin                                                                Dazed And Confused
Led Zeppelin                                                                Heartbreaker (Living Loving Maid)
Led Zeppelin                                                                I Can´t Quit You Baby
Led Zeppelin                                                                Immigrant Song
Led Zeppelin                                                                Kashmir
Led Zeppelin                                                                Rock and Roll
Led Zeppelin                                                                Stairway To Heaven
Led Zeppelin                                                                When the Levee Breaks
Led Zeppelin                                                                Whole Lotta Love
LeDoux, Chris                                                              Every Time I Roll the Dice
LeDoux, Chris                                                              For Your Love
LeDoux, Chris & Brooks, G                                         What You Gonna Do With A Cowboy
Lee, Anne                                                                    Two Times
Lee, Brenda                                                                 As Usual
Lee, Brenda                                                                 I´m in the Mood For Love
Lee, Brenda                                                                 I´m Sorry
Lee, Brenda                                                                 Let´s Jump The Broomstick
Lee, Brenda                                                                 Pennies From Heaven
Lee, Brenda                                                                 Speak To Me Pretty
Lee, Brenda                                                                 Sweet Nothings
Lee, Dickey                                                                  Rocky
Lee, Gary & Showdown                                               Rodeo Song
Lee, Johnny                                                                  Lookin´ For Love
Lee, Johnny                                                                  One in a Million
Lee, Peggy                                                                   Come Rain or Come Shine
Lee, Peggy                                                                   Fever
Lee, Peggy                                                                   I´ve Got You Under My Skin
Lee, Robin                                                                   Black Velvet
Lehrer, Tom                                                                 Masochism Tango, The
Lehrer, Tom                                                                 Poisoning Pigeons in the Park
Leigh, Danni                                                                 Honey I Do
Lemon Pipers                                                               Green Tambourine
Len                                                                              Steal My Sunshine (duet)
Lennon & Ono                                                             Happy Christmas
Lennon, John                                                                Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)
Lennon, John                                                                Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
Lennon, John                                                                Imagine
Lennon, John                                                                Instant Karma
Lennon, John                                                                Jealous Guy
Lennon, John                                                                Just Like Starting Over
Lennon, John                                                                Watching the Wheels
Lennon, John                                                                Whatever Gets You Through the Night
Lennon, John                                                                Woman
Lennon, John                                                                Working Class Hero
Lennon, Julian                                                               Saltwater
Lennox, Annie                                                              I Can´t Get Next To You
Lennox, Annie                                                              Kiss the Rain
Lennox, Annie                                                              Little Bird
Lennox, Annie                                                              No More I Love Yous
Lennox, Annie                                                              Put A Little Love In Your Heart
Lennox, Annie                                                              Train In Vain
Lennox, Annie                                                              Walking on Broken Glass
Lennox, Annie                                                              Whiter Shade of Pale, A
Lennox, Annie                                                              Why
Les Miserables                                                             Bring Him Home
Les Miserables                                                             Castle on A Cloud
Les Miserables                                                             I Dreamed a Dream
Les Miserables                                                             In My Life
Les Miserables                                                             Master of the House
Les Miserables                                                             On My Own
Les Miserables                                                             Stars
Lester, Ketty                                                                Love Letter
Let Me Be There                                                          Olivia NewtonJohn
Level 42                                                                       It´s Over
Level 42                                                                       Lessons in Love
Level 42                                                                       Love Games
Level 42                                                                       Running In the Family
Level 42                                                                       Something About You
Levellers                                                                       What A Beautiful Day
Levert, Gerald                                                              Answering Service
Lewie, Jona                                                                  Stop the Cavalry
Lewis, Aaron & Fred Durst                                          Outside
Lewis, Barbara                                                             Baby I´m Yours
Lewis, Barbara                                                             Hello Stranger
Lewis, Barbara                                                             Make Me Your Baby
Lewis, Barbara                                                             Tossing And Turning
Lewis, Donna                                                               I Love You Always & Forever
Lewis, Donna                                                               Without Love
Lewis, Gary & the Playboys                                         Everybody Loves a Clown
Lewis, Gary & the Playboys                                         Save Your Heart For Me
Lewis, Gary & the Playboys                                         Sure Gonna Miss Her
Lewis, Gary & the Playboys                                         This Diamond Ring
Lewis, Huey                                                                 Power of Love, The
Lewis, Huey & Gwyneth Paltrow                                  Cruisin´
Lewis, Huey & The News                                            But It´s All Right
Lewis, Huey & The News                                            Do You Believe in Love
Lewis, Huey & The News                                            Doing it All for My Baby
Lewis, Huey & The News                                            Feeling All Right
Lewis, Huey & The News                                            Heart and Soul
Lewis, Huey & The News                                            Heart of Rock & Roll
Lewis, Huey & The News                                            Hip to Be Square
Lewis, Huey & The News                                            I Want a New Drug
Lewis, Huey & The News                                            If This is It
Lewis, Huey & The News                                            Jacob´s Ladder
Lewis, Huey & The News                                            Power of Love, The
Lewis, Huey & The News                                            Some Kind of Wonderful
Lewis, Huey & The News                                            Stuck With You
Lewis, Huey & The News                                            Walking on a Thin Line
Lewis, Huey & The News                                            Working For a Living
Lewis, Jerry Lee                                                           Great Balls of Fire
Lewis, Jerry Lee                                                           What´d I Say
Lewis, Jerry Lee                                                           Whole Lotta Shakin´ Goin´ On
Lewis, Leona                                                                Bleeding Love
Leyton, John                                                                 Johnny Remember Me
LFO                                                                             Girl on TV
LFO                                                                             Summergirls
LGD                                                                            Neither One of Us (Wants to Be the First to Say Goodbye)
Lifehouse                                                                      Whatever it Takes
Lifehouse                                                                      You And Me
Light of The World                                                       London Town
Lightfoot, Gordon                                                         Carefree Highway
Lightfoot, Gordon                                                         If You Could Read My Mind
Lightfoot, Gordon                                                         Rainy Day People
Lightfoot, Gordon                                                         Sundown
Lighthouse Family                                                         High
Lighthouse Family                                                         Lifted
Lighthouse Family                                                         Raincloud
Lightning Seeds                                                            Lucky You
Lil Bow Wow                                                               Bow Wow (That´s My Name)
Lil´ Kim & Sisqo                                                          How Many Licks
Lil´ Mo                                                                         Superwoman
Lillix                                                                             What I Like About You
Limerick, Alison                                                           Where Love Lives
Limmie & Family Cookin´                                             You Can Do Magic
Limp Bizkit                                                                   Boiler
Limp Bizkit                                                                   Breakdown
Limp Bizkit                                                                   My Way
Lind, Bob                                                                     Elusive Butterfly
Linda Ronstadt                                                             Someone To Lay Down Beside Me
Lindisfarne                                                                    Lady Eleanor
Lindisfarne                                                                    Run For Home
Linkin Park                                                                   Crawling
Linkin Park                                                                   In the End
Lion King, The                                                             Can You Feel The Love Tonight (Movie Version)
Lion King, The                                                             Circle of Life
Lion King, The                                                             Hakuna Matata
Lion King, The                                                             I Just Can´t Wait To Be King
Lipps, Inc                                                                     Funkytown
Lit                                                                                My Own Worst Enemy
Lit                                                                                Zip-Lock
Little Anthony & The Imperials                                     Going Out of My Head
Little Anthony & The Imperials                                     Shimmy Shimmy Koko Bop
Little Anthony & The Imperials                                     Tears on My Pillow
Little Anthony & The Imperials                                     Those Oldies But Goodies
Little Eva                                                                      Loco-Motion, The
Little Feat                                                                     Dixie Chicken
Little Mermaid                                                              Kiss the Girl
Little Mermaid                                                              Part of Your World
Little Mermaid                                                              Under the Sea
Little Milton                                                                  Grits Ain´t Groceries
Little Night Music, A                                                    Send in the Clowns
Little Richard                                                                Jenny, Jenny
Little Richard                                                                Rip It Up
Little River Band, The                                                   Cool Change
Little River Band, The                                                   Happy Anniversary
Little River Band, The                                                   Help Is on Its Way
Little River Band, The                                                   Lady
Little River Band, The                                                   Lonesome Loser
Little River Band, The                                                   Other Guy The
Little River Band, The                                                   Reminiscing
Little River Band, The                                                   Take It Easy on Me
Little Shop of Horrors                                                   Dentist
Little Shop of Horrors                                                   Grow For Me
Little Shop of Horrors                                                   Suddenly Seymour
Little Texas                                                                   Amy´s Back in Austin
Little Texas                                                                   Bad For Us
Little Texas                                                                   Country Crazy
Little Texas                                                                   First Time For Everything
Little Texas                                                                   God Blessed Texas
Little Texas                                                                   My Love
Little Texas                                                                   Some Guys Have All the Love
Little Texas                                                                   Southern Grace
Little Texas                                                                   What Might Have Been
Live                                                                              Heaven
Live                                                                              Lightning Crashes
Live                                                                              Turn My Head
Livin´ Joy                                                                     Don´t Stop Movin´
Livin´ Joy                                                                     Dreamer
Llachey, Nick                                                               Whats Left of Me
Lobo                                                                            Me & You & a Dog Named Boo
Loc, Tone                                                                    Funky Cold Medina
Locklin, Hank                                                               Please Help Me, I´m Falling
Locklin, Hank                                                               Send Me the Pillow That You Dream On
Loeb, Lisa                                                                    I Do
Loeb, Lisa                                                                    Stay (I Missed You)
Loeb, Lisa & Nine Stories                                            Taffy
Logan, Johnny                                                              Hold Me Now
Logan, Johnny                                                              What´s Another Year
Loggins & Messina                                                       Angry Eyes
Loggins & Messina                                                       Danny´s Song
Loggins & Messina                                                       House At Pooh Corner
Loggins & Messina                                                       Peace of Mind
Loggins & Messina                                                       Run River Run
Loggins & Messina                                                       Va Hev Ala
Loggins & Messina                                                       Your Mama Don´t Dance
Loggins, Dave                                                              Please Come To Boston
Loggins, Kenny                                                            Danger Zone
Loggins, Kenny                                                            Danny´s Song
Loggins, Kenny                                                            Footloose
Loggins, Kenny                                                            For the First Time
Loggins, Kenny                                                            Forever
Loggins, Kenny                                                            I´m All Right
Loggins, Kenny                                                            Return To Pooh Corner
Loggins, Kenny                                                            This is It
London Beat                                                                I´ve Been Thinking About You
Lonestar                                                                       Amazed
Lonestar                                                                       Everything´s Changed
Lonestar                                                                       I´m Already There
Lonestar                                                                       Let´s Be Us Again
Lonestar                                                                       My Front Porch Looking In
Lonestar                                                                       No News
Lonestar                                                                       Not A Day Goes By
Lonestar                                                                       Say When
Lonestar                                                                       Smile
Lonestar                                                                       Unusually Unusual
Lonestar                                                                       What About Now
Lonestar                                                                       With Me
Long John Baldry                                                         Let The Heartache Begin
Looking Glass                                                              Brandy (You´re a Fine Girl)
Loose Ends                                                                  Hangin´ on A String
Lopez, Jennifer                                                             Ain´t It Funny
Lopez, Jennifer                                                             Get Right
Lopez, Jennifer                                                             Hold You Down
Lopez, Jennifer                                                             If You Had My Love
Lopez, Jennifer                                                             Play
Lopez, Jennifer                                                             Waiting For Tonight
Lopez, Trini                                                                  If I Had A Hammer
Los Bravos                                                                   Black Is Black
Los Bukis                                                                     Y Ahora Te Vas
Los Del Rio & Bay Side Boys                                      Macerena
Los Lobos                                                                    La Bamba
Louder, John D.                                                           Language of Love, The
Louise                                                                          Arms Around The World
Louise                                                                          Let´s Go Round Again
Louise                                                                          Light of My Life
Love & Rockets                                                           So Alive
Love & Rockets                                                           Sweet Lover Hangover
Love Affair                                                                   Bringing on Back The Good Times
Love Affair                                                                   Everlasting Love
Love Potion Number Nine                                            Searchers
Loveless, Patty                                                             Blame It on Your Heart
Loveless, Patty                                                             Can´t Get Enough
Loveless, Patty                                                             Chains
Loveless, Patty                                                             Here I Am
Loveless, Patty                                                             High on Love
Loveless, Patty                                                             How Can I Help You Say Goodbye
Loveless, Patty                                                             I Try to Think About Elvis
Loveless, Patty                                                             I´m That Kind of Girl
Loveless, Patty                                                             If My Heart Had Windows
Loveless, Patty                                                             Jealous Bone
Loveless, Patty                                                             Last Thing on My Mind, The
Loveless, Patty                                                             Lonely Side of Love
Loveless, Patty                                                             Lonely Too Long
Loveless, Patty                                                             On Your Way Home
Loveless, Patty                                                             That´s the Kind of Mood I´m In
Loveless, Patty                                                             Thousand Times a Day, A
Loveless, Patty                                                             Timber I´m Falling In Love
Loveless, Patty                                                             To Have You Back Again
Loveless, Patty                                                             When the Fallen Angels Fly
Loveless, Patty                                                             You Can Feel Bad
Loveless, Patty                                                             You Don´t Even Know Who I Am
Loveless, Patty                                                             You Don´t Seem To Miss Me
Loveless, Patty                                                             You Will
Loverboy                                                                     Lovin´ Every Minute of It
Loverboy                                                                     Turn Me Loose
Loverboy                                                                     Working For The Weekend
Lovett, Ruby                                                                Little Bitty Crack In His Heart
Lovich, Lena                                                                Lucky Number
Lovin´ Spoonful, The                                                    Did You Ever Have to Make Up Your Mind
Lovin´ Spoonful, The                                                    You Didn´t Have to Be So Nice
Lowe, Nick                                                                  Cruel to Be Kind
LTD                                                                             Back in Love Again (Every Time I Turn Around)
Ludacris & Pharrell                                                       Southern Hospitality
Luis, Rey                                                                      Mi Media Mitad
Lulu                                                                              Boat That I Row
Lulu                                                                              Boom Bang a Bang
Lulu                                                                              To Sir, with Love
Luman, Bob                                                                 Let´s Think About Living
Lymon, Frankie and His Teenagers                               Goody Goody
Lynn, Cheryl                                                                 Encore
Lynn, Loretta                                                                Before I´m Over You
Lynn, Loretta                                                                Blue Kentucky Girl
Lynn, Loretta                                                                Coal Miner´s Daughter
Lynn, Loretta                                                                Don´t Come Home a-Drinkin´ (With Lovin´ on Your Mind)
Lynn, Loretta                                                                Fist City
Lynn, Loretta                                                                Here I Am Again
Lynn, Loretta                                                                Honky Tonk Girl
Lynn, Loretta                                                                I Can´t Hear the Music
Lynn, Loretta                                                                Lonesome 7-7203
Lynn, Loretta                                                                Love is the Foundation
Lynn, Loretta                                                                Out of My Head and Back in My Bed
Lynn, Loretta                                                                Pill, The
Lynn, Loretta                                                                Rated X
Lynn, Loretta                                                                Red, White, And Blue
Lynn, Loretta                                                                Somebody Somewhere
Lynn, Loretta                                                                They Don´t Make ´em Like My Daddy Anymore
Lynn, Loretta                                                                Trouble in Paradise
Lynn, Loretta                                                                When the Tingle Becomes a Chill
Lynn, Loretta                                                                You Ain´t Woman Enough to Take My Man
Lynn, Loretta                                                                You´re Lookin´ at Country
Lynn, Loretta                                                                You´ve Just Stepped In (From Stepping Out on Me)
Lynn, Vera                                                                    My Son My Son
Lynyrd Skynyrd                                                            Free Bird
Lynyrd Skynyrd                                                            Gimme Three Steps
Lynyrd Skynyrd                                                            Needle & the Spoon, The
Lynyrd Skynyrd                                                            Sweet Home Alabama

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