Saturday, December 21, 2013

K Artists

Kadison, Joshua                                                                       Beautiful in My Eyes
Kadison, Joshua                                                                       Jessie
Kadison, Joshua                                                                       Picture Postcards From L.A.
Kahn, Chaka                                                                            I Feel For You
Kajagoogoo                                                                             Too Shy
Kallen, Kitty                                                                             Little Things Mean A Lot
Kames, Bob & Foul Four                                                         Chicken Dance, The
Kamoze, Ini                                                                              Here Comes the Hot Stepper
Kane, Eden                                                                              Boys Cry
Kane, Eden                                                                              Forget Me Not
Kane, Eden                                                                              Well I Ask You
Kane, Helen                                                                             I Wanna Be Loved By You
Kansas                                                                                     Carry on My Wayward Son
Kansas                                                                                     Dust in the Wind
Katrina & the Waves                                                                Love Shine a Light
Katrina & the Waves                                                                Walking on Sunshine
Kaye, Danny                                                                            I´ve Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts
Kayle, Kortney                                                                         Unbroken By You
KC & The Sunshine Band                                                        Get Down Tonight
KC & The Sunshine Band                                                        Give It Up
KC & The Sunshine Band                                                        Queen of Clubs
KC & The Sunshine Band                                                        That´s The Way (I Like It)
K-Ci & Jojo                                                                             Crazy
K-Ci & Jojo                                                                             Tell Me It´s Real
K-Doe, Ernie                                                                           Mother-In-Law
Keane                                                                                      Somewhere Only We Know
Keith, Toby                                                                              As Good as I Once Was
Keith, Toby                                                                              Does that Blue Moon Ever Shine on You
Keith, Toby                                                                              Dream Walkin´
Keith, Toby                                                                              He Ain´t Worth Missing
Keith, Toby                                                                              How Do You Like Me Now
Keith, Toby                                                                              I Love This Bar
Keith, Toby                                                                              I´m Just Talkin´ About Tonight
Keith, Toby                                                                              Little Less Talk and A Lot More Action, A
Keith, Toby                                                                              Love Me If You Can
Keith, Toby                                                                              Me Too
Keith, Toby                                                                              My List
Keith, Toby                                                                              Should´ve Been a Cowboy
Keith, Toby                                                                              Stays in Mexico
Keith, Toby                                                                              Upstairs Downtown
Keith, Toby                                                                              Who´s That Man
Keith, Toby                                                                              Who´s Your Daddy
Keith, Toby                                                                              Wish I Didn´t Know Now
Keith, Toby                                                                              You Ain´t Much Fun
Keith, Toby                                                                              You Shouldn´t Kiss Me Like This
Keith, Toby Willie Nelson                                                         Beer For My Horses
Keller, Terry                                                                             Here Comes Summer
Kelly, Gene                                                                              Moses Supposes Tongue Twisters
Kelly, Gene                                                                              Singin´ in the Rain
Kelly, R                                                                                    Bump ´N Grind
Kelly, R                                                                                    I Believe I Can Fly
Kelly, R                                                                                    I Can´t Sleep Baby
Kelly, R                                                                                    Ignition (Remix)
Kelly, R                                                                                    She´s Got That Vibe
Kelly, R. & Boo & Gotti                                                           Fiesta
Kendalls The                                                                            You´d Make an Angel Wanna Cheat
Kennedy, Brian                                                                        Better Man
Kenner, Chris                                                                           I Like It Like That
Kenny Rogers                                                                          Lucille
Kenny Rogers                                                                          The Gambler
Kentucky Headhunters, The                                                      Dumas Walker
Kermit The Frog                                                                       Being Green
Kersh, David                                                                            Another You
Kersh, David                                                                            Day In, Day Out
Kersh, David                                                                            If I Ever Stop Loving You
Kersh, David                                                                            Wonderful Tonight
Kershaw, Nick                                                                         I Won´t Let The Sun Go Down on Me
Kershaw, Nick                                                                         Riddle
Kershaw, Nick                                                                         Wouldn´t It Be Good
Kershaw, Sammy                                                                     Anywhere But Here
Kershaw, Sammy                                                                     Haunted Heart
Kershaw, Sammy                                                                     I Can´t Reach Her Anymore
Kershaw, Sammy                                                                     Love of My Life
Kershaw, Sammy                                                                     Matches
Kershaw, Sammy                                                                     Me & Maxine
Kershaw, Sammy                                                                     Meant To Be
Kershaw, Sammy                                                                     She Don´t Know She´s Beautiful
Kershaw, Sammy                                                                     Your Tattoo
Ketcham, Hal                                                                           Five O´clock World
Ketcham, Hal                                                                           Tonight We Just Might Fall In Love
Ketchum, Hal                                                                           Hearts Are Gonna Roll
Ketchum, Hal                                                                           Past the Point of Rescue
Ketchum, Hal                                                                           She Is
Ketchum, Hank                                                                        Stay Forever
Keys, Alicia                                                                              If I Ain´t Got You
Keys, Alicia                                                                              Loving You
Keys, Alicia                                                                              Unbreakable
Keys, Alicia                                                                              You Don´t Know My Name
Keys, Alicia & Usher                                                                My Boo
Khan, Chaka                                                                            Ain´t Nobody
Khan, Chaka                                                                            I Feel For You
Kid Rock                                                                                 All Summer Long
Kid Rock                                                                                 Cowboy
Kid Rock                                                                                 Only God Knows Why
Kid Rock And Crow, Sheryl                                                    Picture
Kid, Johnny & The Pirates                                                        I´ll Never Get Over You
Kid, Johnny & The Pirates                                                        Shakin´ All Over
Kihn, Greg                                                                               Breakup Song, The (They Don´t Write ´em Like That Anymore)
Kihn, Greg                                                                               Jeopardy
Kiki Dee Band                                                                         I´ve Got the Music in Me
Killer Mike Featuring Big Boi                                                    A.D.I.D.A.S. (Radio Edit)
Killers, The                                                                               Mr. Brightside
Kim, Andy                                                                               Rock Me Gently
King                                                                                         Love And Pride
King and I                                                                                Getting to Know You
King and I                                                                                Hello Young Lovers
King and I                                                                                I Have Dreamed
King and I                                                                                Shall We Dance
King Brothers                                                                           White Sport Coat
King Harvest                                                                            Dancin´ in the Moonlight
King Missile                                                                             Detachable P-N-S
King, Albert                                                                             Born Under A Bad Sign
King, Albert                                                                             Call My Job
King, Albert                                                                             Good Time Charlie
King, B.B.                                                                                Caldonia
King, B.B.                                                                                Paying the Cost to Be the Boss
King, B.B.                                                                                Rock Me Baby
King, B.B.                                                                                Thrill is Gone
King, B.B.                                                                                Why I Sing the Blues
King, Ben E.                                                                             Stand By Me
King, Carole                                                                             I Feel the Earth Move
King, Carole                                                                             It Might As Well Rain Until September
King, Carole                                                                             It´s Too Late
King, Carole                                                                             Nightingale
King, Carole                                                                             One Fine Day
King, Carole                                                                             So Far Away
King, Carole                                                                             Sweet Seasons
King, Diana                                                                              I Say a Little Prayer
King, Diana                                                                              Shy Guy
King, Evelyn Champagne                                                          Love Comes Down
King, Evelyn Champagne                                                          Shame
King, Freddy                                                                            Down Home Blues
King, Jonathan                                                                          Everyone´s Gone To The Moon
Kings of Leon                                                                           Sex on Fire
Kings of Leon                                                                           Use Somebody
Kings, The                                                                                Switchin´ to Glide
Kingsmen, The                                                                         Louie, Louie
Kingston Trio, The                                                                    Tom Dooley
Kinks, The                                                                               All Day and All of the Night
Kinks, The                                                                               Ape Man
Kinks, The                                                                               Autumn Almanac
Kinks, The                                                                               Come Dancing
Kinks, The                                                                               Days
Kinks, The                                                                               Dead End Street
Kinks, The                                                                               Dedicated Follower of Fashion
Kinks, The                                                                               Don´t Forget to Dance
Kinks, The                                                                               Lola
Kinks, The                                                                               See My Friends
Kinks, The                                                                               Set Me Free
Kinks, The                                                                               Sunny Afternoon
Kinks, The                                                                               Supersonic Rocket Ship
Kinks, The                                                                               Tired of Waiting For You
Kinks, The                                                                               Waterloo Sunset
Kinks, The                                                                               Well Respected Man, A
Kinks, The                                                                               You Really Got Me
Kinleys                                                                                     Somebody´s Out There Watching
Kinleys, The                                                                             Just Between You And Me
Kinleys, The                                                                             Please
Kinleys, The                                                                             She Ain´t the Girl for You
Kinleys, The                                                                             You´re Still Here
Kirby, Kathy                                                                            Let Me Go Lover
Kirby, Kathy                                                                            Secret Love
Kismet                                                                                     Stranger In Paradise
Kiss                                                                                         Beth
Kiss                                                                                         Calling Dr. Love
Kiss                                                                                         Christine Sixteen
Kiss                                                                                         Cold Gin
Kiss                                                                                         Crazy Nights
Kiss                                                                                         Deuce
Kiss                                                                                         Domino
Kiss                                                                                         Firehouse
Kiss                                                                                         God of Thunder
Kiss                                                                                         Hard Luck Woman
Kiss                                                                                         I Was Made For Loving You
Kiss                                                                                         Love Gun
Kiss                                                                                         Nothing Can Keep Me From You
Kiss                                                                                         Rock And Roll All Night
Kiss                                                                                         Tears Are Falling
Kiss Me Kate                                                                           I Hate Men
Kiss Me Kate                                                                           Too Darn Hot
KLF & Tammy Wynette                                                           Justified and Ancient
Knack, The                                                                              My Sharona
Knight, Gladys & The Pips                                                       Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me
Knight, Gladys & The Pips                                                       Every Beat of My Heart
Knight, Gladys & The Pips                                                       I Heard It Through the Grapevine
Knight, Gladys & The Pips                                                       If I Were Your Woman
Knight, Gladys & The Pips                                                       Midnight Train to Georgia
Knight, Gladys & The Pips                                                       Neither One of Us
Knight, Gladys & The Pips                                                       Take Me In Your Arms & Love Me
Knight, Gladys & The Pips                                                       Way We Were, The
Knight, Jean                                                                             Mr. Big Stuff
Knight, Jordan                                                                          Give It To You
Knight, Jordan                                                                          I Could Never Take The Place of You
Knowles, Beyoncé                                                                   Work It Out
Knox, Buddy                                                                            Party Doll
Kool & the Gang                                                                      Celebration
Kool & the Gang                                                                      Get Down on It
Kool & the Gang                                                                      Joanna
Kool & the Gang                                                                      Ladies´ Night
Kramer, Billy J. & The Dakotas                                                Bad To Me
Kramer, Billy J. & The Dakotas                                                Do You Want To Know A Secret
Kramer, Billy J. & The Dakotas                                                Little Children
Kramer, Billy J. & The Dakotas                                                Trains & Boats & Planes
Kraus, Alison                                                                           Baby Now That I´ve Found You
Kraus, Alison                                                                           Let Me Touch You For Awhile
Kraus, Alison                                                                           When You Say Nothing At All
Kraus, Alison & Gillian Welch                                                  I´ll Fly Away
Kraus, Alison & the Union Station                                            Lucky One, The
Kravitz, Lenny                                                                          Are You Gonna Go My Way
Kravitz, Lenny                                                                          Can´t Get You Off My Mind
Kravitz, Lenny                                                                          Fly Away
Kravitz, Lenny                                                                          Somewhere In the Vicinity of the Heart
Kreviazuk, Chantal                                                                   Leaving on a Jet Plane
Kriss Kross                                                                              Jump
Kristofferson, Kris                                                                    Why Me
Kula Shaker                                                                             Hey Dude
KWS                                                                                       Please Don´t Go
Kyper                                                                                      Tic Tac Toe

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